At OASIS, we are committed to promote education in our communities. This year, we were able to raise $31,000 in scholarship fund. Over 100 students applied to this scholarship and we chose the top students for this award.

A total of 31 graduating High School Seniors will be awarded $1000 each via the OASIS Scholarship Award Program. We have 2 categories of awards this year, Merit based & Need based scholarships and…

The 2018 OASIS Scholarship recipients are

  • Adan Martinez
  • Aditya Bafna
  • Albert Liu
  • Ally Wong
  • Ana Alvarado
  • Anna Peczak
  • Autumn Bradford
  • Bria Wilson
  • Christina Wang
  • Da-Quan Patterson
  • David Raymond
  • Deepti Aravapalli
  • Drew Halvorson
  • Jacquelyn Vasquez
  • Julia Smith
  • Kellie Vosteen
  • Meena Hari
  • Madhumitha Kandasamy
  • Megha Madhusuden
  • Nandini Patel
  • Nisha Bhat
  • Niyenth Iyengar
  • Prathishtha Pitchyaiah
  • Ruth Rosario
  • Selena Bell
  • Shruthi Reddy
  • Surya Prabhakar
  • Thu Nguyen
  • Travis Wilkinson
  • Vidya Puran
  • Yici Sun

To honor CYNT MARSHALL’s contribution to our AT&T ERGs, we created a very special scholarship called Cynt Marshall Scholarship Award.

The candidate selected for this award is David Raymond from New Jersey. He will be attending Haverford College and plans to major in Physics!

Cynt Marshall

Debbie Storey

Continuing our Honor to DEBBIE STOREY, the top candidate selected for this award, 2018 OASIS Debbie Storey scholarship has been awarded to Niyenth Iyengar, who will be attending University of Texas Austin.

Thank you!

A BIG Shout out to our wonderful panel of judges (Alka Patra, Andrew Lombardo, Brandi Sharpe, Deanna Parkman, Devika Bhaumik, Gene Schemeling, Gulen B Rafiq, Koththavasal Sundararaghavan, Maria Soto Rivera, Meena Gurumoorthy, Mukesh Mehta, Naveena Divi, Pallavi Shah, Rashid Qureshi, Sampath Vembakkam, Sreedhar Challa, Shrikant Acharya) for all efforts in evaluating the candidates.

As in years past, there was a great pool of talented applicants and the judges had to review the applications very closely to make their final selection.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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