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We must save our precious resources for future generations, through education, outreach in large events and virtually.

What we did:

Conducted or took part in about 15 events – with attendees ranging from as low as 30 to well into the 1000’s !!!

Different Takes on Sustainability:

The Necessary RevolutionJuly 10th 2019 (Virtual Event)
The Necessary Revolution <== Free download
How Individuals and Organizations
Are Working Together to
Create a Sustainable World
By Peter Senge
Image Credit and link to the book: Amazon.com
Eco BusinessJuly 24th 2019 (Virtual Event)
Eco-Business <== Free download
A Big-Brand Takeover of Sustainability
By Peter Dauvergne and Jane Lister
Image Credit and link to the book: MITPress
Green IllusionsJuly 31st 2019 (Virtual Event)
Green Illusions <== Free download
The Dirty Secrets of Clean Energy and the
Future of Environmentalism
By Ozzie Zehner
Image Credit and link to the book: Amazon.com
A Better World, IncJuly 3rd 2019 (Virtual Event)
A Better World, Inc. <== Free download
How Companies Profit by Solving Global Problems By Alice Korngold
Image credit and link to the book: Amazon.com

Save our Precious Planet

DOT Challenges

The total activity from our DOT challenges = 837,600+
Activities by challenge include:

  • Zero Waste 99,700+,
  • Save Energy 70,800+,
  • Go Green 5,000+,
  • Donate 13,200+, and
  • H2Oasis (Save Water) 11,100+

198 individuals contributed to these activities. Examples include carpooling, donating blood, no single use plastic, print less or go paperless, recycle, shutdown PC/monitors at night, switch to LED bulbs, etc.

Focus on EG (Employee Group) Conference 2019 week

  • During the EG conference we sold items and got donations for planting trees
  • Recyclable/reusable bags ~1000+ – distributed
  • In lieu of awarding plaques at our annual 2019 OASIS Recognition Event,
  • we donated to planted a tree for each award given
  • OASIS promoted reusable drink dispensers and compostable cups in our hospitality suite at the 2019 EG Conference.
  • Avoiding plastic bottles saved ~300 bottles over the 2-day event.
  • OASIS distributed ~3,000 seed packets to 2019 EG Conference attendees with YPM sticker linked to resources + through regional chapter events + local community gardens and neighborhoods

In Person Events

Naperville Outreach Parade

Indian Community Outreach (ICO) Annual parade on August 11th, 2019 during this event parade announcers announced statements on YPM and sustainability as ~25 volunteers and their families walked through the 1 mile parade path handing out 1,000 seed packets with YPM sticker linked to education resources
at a parade with a gathering of ~25k parade attendees.

July 4th Weekend Cricket Tournament

Sponsored 48 drink dispensers to the Dallas Youth Cricket League (DYCL) tournament with teams from various parts of the US. To eliminate potential waste of many plastic bottles going to the landfill, we sponsored two drink dispensers per team– one for water and another for sports drink. As well as we provided Gatorade powder mix, compostable cups and a permanent marker to write names on the cups so they could be reused throughout the day.
Approximate reach of 512 (players and support team), reached ~288 families, and 5,000 bottles saved in 4 days.
Additionally, these donated dispensers can be used again and again at DYCL tournaments for ongoing/future impact.

Aug 8th, 2019

Our Employee Groups Thing and AT&T Business Diversity & Inclusion Team

OASIS Collaborated with Our Employee Groups Thing and AT&T Business Diversity & Inclusion Team to volunteer

OASIS Donated 5 large Reusable Water Dispensers, Reusable cups for volunteers, & donated 100+ Vegetable seed packets for the volunteer run farm and the volunteers.

DogHead Farm - Concrete Jungle, Atlanta
DogHead Farm – Concrete Jungle, Atlanta, GA

Volunteers volunteered at the Concrete Jungle by gardening and cultivating fresh produce, which is donated to local Atlanta food banks

DogHead Farm - Concrete Jungle, Atlanta
A nice haul from a vegetable patch
The Concrete Jungle Project – The Dog head Farm

Promote Sustainability on Earth Day 2020

Published articles and sent out helpful communications

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