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Who is OASIS?

OASIS is an AT&T Employee Resource Group and a 501c3 non-profit organization. The primary purpose of the Organization of Asian Indians at AT&T (OASIS) is to provide employees of AT&T with opportunities for self-development, professional enhancement, networking and support of AT&T’s business goals, while promoting greater understanding and appreciation of the cultural diversity among the AT&T workforce. 

What is your mission?

At OASIS we provide a framework to help global members identify ways to better leverage their talent, connections and engagements within their organization, community and the ERG initiatives to drive leadership and recognition opportunities. 

Why Join OASIS?

OASIS is the organization of Asian Indians at AT&T, however we have a diverse membership and welcome those from all backgrounds and encourage diversity of thought from all. Our members enjoy opportunities for self-development, professional enhancement, networking and mentoring, and support of AT&T’s business goals, while promoting greater understanding and appreciation of the cultural diversity among the AT&T workforce. 

Whether you’re an experienced community leader or a novice who wants to learn the ropes, serving on the OASIS Chapter Boards or the National Board gives you a great collaborative forum to network & share your ideas with other OASIS members as well as company leaders in different parts of the company. Members get a chance to hone their own skills through volunteering and/or mentoring, employee development and training initiatives. Cultural celebrations of diversity further enhance the overall experience.

Joining OASIS is very simple.  You can also join online at: https://eg-erg.web.att.com/#/Home Follow the instructions to join OASIS. You should also select your Regional Chapter as well. (See how to find your regional chapter below)

(Note: You must be on the company network to access the above link and be a current AT&T Employee)

How do I find the chapter I belong to?
Members located inShould Join this Chapter
AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, IA, ID, MN, MT, ND, NE, NM, NV, OR, SD, UT, WYWest
IL, IN, MI, OH, WIMidwest
CT, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA, VT, WVNortheast
WAWashington State
AL, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, PR, SC, TNSoutheast
AR, KS, MO, OKSouthwest
How much does it cost to join?

Nothing.  Joining any of the Employee Groups is Free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of volunteer opportunities do you provide?

OASIS provides many types of volunteer activities and is always looking for members who want to be engaged with our employee group and the community! Members can apply to serve in the board to develop important leadership skills and have a great impact. OASIS also has opportunities spanning each of the elements of our charter such as self-development, community impact, networking and mentoring, support of AT&T initiatives, and cultural awareness opportunities.

What type of self-development opportunities do you provide?

OASIS offers mindfulness and meditation workshops as well as nutritional wellbeing and book review opportunities just to name a few. OASIS also invests heavily in professional development skill sets such as learning about cutting edge products like 5G, IoT, and Edge and communication and networking skill sets and more.

What type of networking and mentoring opportunities do you provide?

OASIS invites internal and external leaders to speak and interact at our events and engage in our initiatives. OASIS also has advisors and advocates who share our same values and mission that help influence the initiatives we support. OASIS also creates mentoring opportunities at the regional chapter level and remote mentoring opportunities through the National mentoring program. Furthermore, by serving on the board there are enhanced opportunities to network and be seen as a leader both internally and in the community.

What AT&T business goals do you support and how do you support them?

Through OASIS, members have a unique opportunity to generate a stronger brand image for AT&T. OASIS ensures alignment with AT&T business goals through participation in promoting AT&T products and educational opportunities to help others learn about different areas of the company such as 5G, IoT, Edge solutions, Cloud solutions, and more. AT&T has also helped our Cricket brand partnering with colleges across the U.S. to help newly immigrated college students get set up with wireless phone service. OASIS also promotes our corporate social responsibility initiatives such as “Don’t text and Drive” pledge and “Later Haters” anti-bullying awareness whenever an opportunity arises throughout our initiatives.

How do you promote greater understanding and appreciation of the cultural diversity amount the AT&T workforce?

OASIS hosts programs and events that celebrate the rich culture and heritage of South Asians and Indians. Some events include samosa and chai fundraisers, Diwali celebrations, and traditional song and dances.  

What type of scholarship opportunities do you provide?

OASIS provides scholarship to the tune of $40K every year to high school seniors entering college through need and merit based.  

I don’t live in Dallas (or other regional hub city), if I join will there be opportunities for me?

Yes! And given today’s environment we have even more virtually handled events.

What is the “Make our World a Better Place” initiative?

This is our key initiative for the mid-2019 to mid-2020. Make our World a Better Place incorporates 4 key pillars of better you, better us, better community, and better planet.

Learn more here: https://oasisatt.org/national-initiatives/

What age groups/individuals do you support in the community?

OASIS supports people of all ages. From school children in STEM and coding initiatives and all others through community outreach programs like Believe, etc.

What types of community initiatives do you focus on?

OASIS assesses the current and relevant needs of the community to create areas of greatest impact. Some commons areas over the years have been STEM, sustainability, self-development, entrepreneurial skills, and more.

How is OASIS different than other ERGs?

OASIS is uniquely positioned to support STEM initiatives and technical development events such as the mobile app development program. OASIS also partnership with DECA for entrepreneurial workshops for aspiring children. We also have a unique position to support Asian women and women of color and have developed our ongoing DAWN initiative.

Another area of difference is our focus on sustainability with programs such as Your Planet Matters. Board members have participated in White House diversity programs to give us greater visibility in the US that aren’t open to other groups.

And, we have unique mindfulness and meditation workshops and programs. Our recent national program creates end to end opportunities and are focused on nutrition, physical, and mental health along with professional development and serving the community/sustainability.

Here are a few areas our members mentioned on why they joined OASIS:

  • Networking opportunities
  • Community outreach and amplified impact
  • Lifelong education opportunities
  • Competitive nature to be our best selves

What are some of the recent National Initiatives?

Check out our recent initiatives here: https://oasisatt.org/national-initiatives/

What are your accomplishments?

OASIS was recognized by the Association of ERGs & Councils as one of the Top 25 US ERGs/BRGs/Diversity Councils in the country.  This is an incredible national recognition and is a reflection of our ERG’s hard work to create and deliver impactful initiatives. 

OASIS 7-year winning streak for ERG in Action Awards:

  • ERG in Action Award TX- 2019- Circle of Knowledge
  • ERG in Action Award Collaboration SE- 2019- ERG/EN Spring Fairs
  • ERG in Action National Award- 2018- Press Pause- Rejuvenate Yourself
  • ERG in Action Local Award TX- 2018- Gen XYZ Stimulator Program
  • ERG in Action Local Award TX – 2017 – STEAM Connectors
  • ERG in Action Local Award TX – 2016 – iCodeHack for school children
  • ERG in Action National Award – Cricket Wireless promotions – 2016
  • Dallas Asian Chamber of Commerce Diversity Award – 2015
  • ASPIRE ERG of the Year Award – 2015 & in 2016
  • ERG in Action Local Award TX – 2015 – IDEA Mobile App Contest
  • ERG in Action Award National – 2015  – Bridge the Gap
  • ERG Engagement Award 2014 –  Midwest Chapter
  • Each One Reach One Service Ambassador Initiative
  • ERG in Action Award & Champion of DOT Award National 2014
  • Top 25 ERGs in the nation (2014) – Association of ERGs & Councils
  • ERG in Action Award TX- 2013- Building AT&T brand awareness
  • ERG in Action Award National- 2013- Mobile Apps workshop