Let’s Start


OASIS Let’s Start | From Idea to Startup


A high school entrepreneurship program

OASIS Startup: From idea to startup, is a national initiative, from OASIS which is an Employee Resource Group for employees of AT&T.

As part of this initiative, we have partnered with ASPIRE and DECA  to invite high school students (10-12 grades) for a one day workshop in multiple cities across the country.

The OASIS Startup program is promoting entrepreneurship among students by giving them the tools to start their own business.  Small businesses are at the heart of the U.S. economy spurring economic growth in their communities and contributing to the success of the country.


Listed below are the locations for these OASIS events. Please click on the location you have attended this event. The materials referred to in your event will be provided under the location resource pages.

OASIS – Let’s Start – March 22nd, Atlanta, GA

OASIS – Let’s Start – March 31st, Dallas, TX

OASIS – Let’s Start – Saint Louis, MO

OASIS – Let’s Start – San Ramon, CA

OASIS – Let’s Start – May 17th, Dallas, TX

OASIS – Let’s Start – Bedminster, NJ

OASIS – Let’s Start – Chicago, IL

OASIS – Let’s Start – Redmond, WA