Simple ways to Stop wasting food!

Too Much Bread?!

(The regular sliced kind made from dough, not the green $tuff!)

Bought too much bread on the last grocery run, did we? Fret no more!

See this amazing recipe to put a smile back on that face.


Trying to freeze and save, but getting burned?

These guys below have you covered! Check them out!


Like Pickles? Make your own!

The folks at buzzfeed have an article on this check them out!


All images and content are from different websites and they own the copy right to the content and images as applicable. We are simply trying to compile these as a list of useful references.

Reuse Lemon peels? Are you sure?

Evidently, you can. Check this out now and make some lemon powder!


What to do with green stuff on carrot tops!

This has nothing to do with Carrot Top, the comedian but with the actual green stuff growing out of carrots when you get them that fresh! Evidently, you can make a pesto! Presto!

Throwing away potato peels? No more!

Washed and peeled, tater peels can be so yummy. See how now.


Orange Peels, Gotta throw them away? Nope!

Really? Candles? Yup – check out how.


That’s good. But you can’t eat ’em! Wrong!!!

Eating orange peels? You have to check this out now. And it’s CANDY 🙂


And the all time Favorite, Banana Bread!

This is something most have heard about. Those 2 dozen bananas going brown before you ate them all? Have no fear. Check out this simple SUGAR FREE recipe.

What if all else fails? No Worries, Compost!

In a post elsewhere on this site we saw how the Zero Waste community has embraced this concept.

Featured Photo by Radoslaw Prekurat on Unsplash