Your Planet Matters

Earth, our home, is a living entity that grounds us with food, water and a play to run and play. Earth is also the only home we have.

We at OASIS, an Employee Resource Group (ERG) and employees of AT&T want to show that we are responsible for taking care of our planet. Your Actions MATTER! OASIS in partnership with the AT&T Corporate Social Responsibility Team introduces “Your Planet Matters” – a program focused on saving our precious resources for us and future generations.

Your Actions Matter!

Join us in the various programs we are putting together to make a difference.

  • Kick off Event – April 23, 2019 – Details Here.

Challenge yourselves, your families, friends and your communities to step up and help save our planet.
Every small effort will have a BIG impact when we work together.

Join our series of DO ONE THING (DOT) Challenges to help you with easy small incremental daily changes that you can make right now and contribute to big results!

Small Changes = BIG Results

DOT # 1 – Save Energy

Pick your region below to track and manage your energy conservation efforts!

Let’s Save some Energy!

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OASIS: Save Energy- East | OASIS: Save Energy- Central | OASIS: Save Energy- West

DOT # 2 – Zero Waste Challenge

Join OASIS in our zero waste efforts! Choose any or all of the environment DOTs to help track impact you have on reducing and eliminating waste! Every small effort you make contributes to big results! Be sure to get your whole family engaged to really drive change!

Let’s Reduce our Footprint!

Zero Waste Now!

(These links will only work within the company intranet or on VPN)

OASIS: Zero Waste- East | OASIS: Zero Waste- Central | OASIS: Zero Waste- West